First Major Demo Launch

The first big release of a demo that does stuff. In the first room, you can talk to Brother Fellero, a member of "The Family". He is quite stuck up but is willing to turn his attitude around if you fetch him some items like the useless dog you are.  After that, head through the ominous black cube to enter the first playable space. Dodge around enemy patrols, gather scrap, hide in the grass, and watch that audio tracker in the corner. Be caught and face the worst terror of them all: SCENE RESET *Background screaming and lightning flashing*.


Sometimes, things are hard, sometimes, I run into a deadline. This is both of those times:

  • Scrap equipped does not update the UI
  • There are no walls
  • Enemies sometimes do a little dance if you run around a corner
  • AI is stupid kind of
  • The UI is uggo
    • This isn't an issue I just don't want you to think we have bad taste
  • There is no sound
    • You aren't deaf it's okay, I am just lazy
  • Sometimes the controller will not register while in dialogue, if that happens, its best to default to a mouse and keyboard, apologies.


Lamplight Demo Build 41 MB
Mar 09, 2023

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